About SAYAMETE [沙耶やめて]

SAYAMETE is a brand I created in october 2021 in order to showcase all my artworks. It only features my own creations (for now!).

I sell my products online on this website and at artist alleys in France. [where to find me]

You can find all my links HERE! 🙂

About me [沙耶]


I go by Sayamete, but you can call me Saya!

I’m a freelance illustrator based in France who mainly focuses on kemonomimi characters. I enjoy drawing my OC (Saya) or fanarts of my favorite manga, anime or video-games.

I do a lot of mature-themed illustrations so please don’t follow me if you’re sensitive about that! 🙂

Saya is also my sona, you can find her reference page HERE (en FRANCAIS ici). Feel free to draw her! ❤️

My all-time favorites are:

  • Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • Genshin Impact
  • Persona (all games)
100% home-made
Everything is directly produced inside our workshop
Original artworks
All artworks are created exclusively for Sayamete by artist Saya
Quality checks
Quality is checked at all steps of production to ensure the best for you!
French baguette
France-based workshop and artist!
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