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Care instructions

All my products require different types of care if you want them to be durable 🙂

Please refer to below instructions regarding each type of product!
If you encounter any problem of durability, don’t hesitate to reach me out by email at sayamete@gmail.com with a description of your problem, and preferably photos! I will try my best to help you out ❤️


My stickers are made out of vinyl adhesive, which is a synthetic resin or plastic consisting of polyvinyl chloride or a related polymer (basically, plastic). They’re also laminated with a clear film to enhance their durability.
This kind of kiss-cut sticker, coming with a transparent transfer film, is called a decal. They’re highly resistant to water, weather, the sun, scratches… if applied properly!
They can last up to 3-5 years outdoors, or even more depending on weather/sun exposure.

Where can I use my stickers?
They can be applied to almost any surface, as long as it’s smooth and clean! Please avoid surfaces like: textured wood, fabrics, grainy textures.

Some good places:
– 🚗 Cars
– 🖥 Computer cases
– 📱 Phones
– 💻 Laptops
– 🥤 Water bottles
– 🎮 Gaming systems
– 🪟 Windows
– 📚 Paper
– 🚲 Bikes
– 🛹 Skateboards
– Some types of furniture
– Some types of walls

How to apply my stickers?
1. CLEAN – The surface should be clean, dry and smooth. Clean it with rubbing alcohol if necessary.
2. REMOVE – Separate the backing paper from the transfer film. The whole design should stick to the transparent transfer film.
3. PLACE – Position your decal in the desired place. Preferably, apply it from the top to the bottom.
4. RUB – Rub with your nail or a rigid plastic card (like a credit card) to chase the air bubbles.
5. FINALIZE – Gently remove the transfer film, while making sure all the details of the design stick to the surface. Continue rubbing if necessary.

Sometimes stickers might be hard to apply because of the temperature of the room or the surface. I recommend warming up the surface a bit before trying again.

How to clean my stickers?
You can clean them with a wet cloth and water, soap or cleaning alcohol.

Acrylic products (keychains, standees)

My keychains and standees are made out of acrylic, which is a kind of plastic made from acrylic acid.
When you buy them, they usually come with a transparent film meant to protect them from scratches. You can remove it to reveal the keychain’s true colors and shine!
Some of my keychains come with one or two sides covered with epoxy, which is a sort of plastic used to protect acrylic and give it a shiny, rounded appearance.

How to clean my acrylic keychains and standees?
Acrylic is highly subject to scratches. You need to be careful when cleaning them!
You can use a wet cloth and non-abrasive soap or alcohol.
If the epoxy sides are scratched, there’s a way to give it shine again by « melting » it gently with a hair dryer, but it’s risky and I wouldn’t recommend it to beginners!

Mousepads (3D, deskmats)

My mousepads are printed on lycra, which is a synthetic elastic fiber.

How to clean my mousepads?
First of all, be aware that lycra is fragile so please be gentle while cleaning.
You can use a soft bristled brush, bar soap and water to gently scrub the dirty mousepad. When you’re done, you can rince it with slightly warm water (NO warm water). Then, you can dry it off with a hair dryer (not too close or on too warm settings) or let it air dry.

Pillows & dakimakuras

My pillows and dakimakuras are made out of 2-way tricot, which is a fabric that:
– has high print precision
– has nice elasticity
– is anti-wrinkle
– feels delicate
– is soft and comfortable.
However, it is easy to get dirty, to hook silk, and small balls/pills may appear with wear.

How to clean my pillows and dakimakuras?
You can hand-wash them (please NEVER use chlorine or bleach), or use a gentle setting on your washing machine. Best temperature is 30 °C or under.
If there are stains, you will need to scrub them gently.
I recommend turning them inside out to protect the printed sides.
Avoid spin-drying and tumble dry.

How to fill/stuff my pillows and dakimakuras?
I provide filling for pillows at cons, but I can’t ship large items easily so you may be in need of filling for your pillows or dakimakuras after purchase.
For my 45 * 45 cm pillows, I recommend getting between 100 and 150g of stuffing.
You can very easily find stuffing for pillows, over Amazon for example, with keywords like « pillow stuffing », costing less than 10 €. You can also buy cheap pillows (at IKEA) and use their stuffing!
My dakimakuras are 50 * 150 cm, which is a standard size. I recommend doing your own research over Google, as good dakimakura pillows tend to be on the expensive side (over 100 €).

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