How to apply decals/stickers? + care guide

What’s a decal?

A decal is a type of sticker. It’s a design or letters cut into sticky vinyl, a type of plastic. The shapes are usually complex which makes the application difficult or impossible, so there’s a process to follow in order to properly apply this type of sticker!

What’s the transparent film on my decal/sticker?

It’s a transfer film or paper! It makes the application process much easier, and is removed once the decal/sticker is in place. Don’t worry if it’s a little damaged, because it’s meant to be removed!

What can I stick decals/stickers to?

Like any sticker, decals can be applied to almost any surface as long as it’s smooth and clean.

– 🚗 Cars
– 🖥 Computer cases
– 📱 Phones
– 💻 Laptops
– 🥤 Water bottles
– 🎮 Gaming systems
– 🪟 Windows
– 📚 Paper
– 🚲 Bikes
– 🛹 Skateboards
– Some types of furniture
– Some types of walls

Please avoid surfaces like: textured wood, fabrics, other textured surfaces.

Are they resistant?

My printed stickers (with illustrations) are not fully resistant to the sun (UV) and weather.

My decals (made of vinyl) however are very resistant to the sun (UV), weather, wear, water and can last up to 3 years outdoors or even more.

How to clean them?

Vinyl is very resistant and can be cleaned with a wet cloth or with cleaning alcohol.

How to correctly apply a decal?

  1. Prepare your surface.
    The surface has to be clean, with no dust or residue and dry. You can clean your surface with cleaning alcohol and a clean cloth.
  2. Remove the backing.
    The backing is the white paper that protects the sticky side of your decal. When you remove it, take care that all of the decal details stick to the transfer film (the transparent film) and NOT to the backing. If they don’t stick to it properly, simply rub the transfer film with your fingernail or a credit card for example.
  3. Apply the decal to the surface.
    Thanks to the transfer film, you can now stick your decal rather simply to any surface. Take care that it’s where you want it to be and then slowly put it down, starting from a side (not all at once). Do it slowly because once vinyl is sticked, it’s really hard to remove without damaging it.
  4. Remove the transfer film.
    When you’re done, gently rub the entire surface of the transfer film with your fingernail or a credit card, and then start taking off the transfer film slowly, starting from a corner. You can rub any detail that sticks to the transfer film to help them transfer to your surface. If it doesn’t stick, it means that your surface is either wet, dirty or too textured.
  5. Done!
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