Sayamete's Commissions info (🇫🇷 FR)

⚠️ Important info (please read!)

– I only work with visual references, character design costs an extra fee.
– Commissions may take up to 2 months to get done.
– You may commission as many characters as you like at once, on the same picture or separately.
– All prices are subject to change depending on character complexity.
– Prices DO NOT include any background.
– Final pieces are .jpg or .png, 3508 *4961px, 300 dpi (A3 format).

💰 Full payment upfront via PayPal

I will send you an invoice to pay via PayPal only.
PayPal fees are included in the prices.
All prices are in
Euros (€)

✅ I will draw

– original characters
– fanart
– yaoi, yuri, hetero, femboys, futanari
– most kinks are ok
– anything similar to what’s in my gallery

⛔️ I won't draw

– furry
– facial hair
– elderly people
– suggestive content of minors
– complex backgrounds and scenery
– some body types (ask me)


30 €
Basic CHIBIS come with a transparent/block/gradient background and one character.

Extra characters: +20 €/character


45 €
Basic SKETCHES come with a transparent/block/gradient background and one character.
They can be thigh-up or full body, depending on my inspiration or by your request (same price).

Extra characters: +30 €/character


150 €
Basic PIN-UPS come with a transparent/block/gradient background and one character.
They are usually cut at thighs-level but you can request a full body illustration.

Extra characters: +100 €/character
Full body: +45 €/character
Background: +30 €

🕒 Process

1. You send me your request.

2. I accept or decline the request. We discuss everything there’s to know about your request (can take a few days).

3. I send you a PayPal invoice with the final price. You have 7 days (1 week) to pay.

4. Once I have received the full payment, I start working on your commission as soon as possible. Keep in mind that I may have started other commissions or works before yours, so please be patient.

5. You get a WIP once the colored sketch is finished. You can request modifications at this step. Once you have validated the colored sketch, no major modifications will be accepted.

6. You get the finished piece within 2 months.

🖨 Printing service

All commissions can be printed and sent to you.

Mini, A5, A4 or A3: 4,60 € +shipping

Custom formats and commissions can also be requested, feel free to send me an email with your project!


By email at

By a private message on my Instagram

By placing a commission, you agree that you accept all my Terms of Service.
100% home-made
Everything is directly produced inside our workshop
Original artworks
All artworks are created exclusively for Sayamete by artist Saya
Quality checks
Quality is checked at all steps of production to ensure the best for you!
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France-based workshop and artist!
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