Saya (OC)

Species: panther/bat

Gender: female (she/her)

Age: 20+

Orientation: pansexual

Height: 171 cm

Weight: 65 kg



Saya is my persona, so she kind of just has the same personality as me. She goes from introvert to extrovert depending on her mood, moment and the persons she’s with. Overall, she’s playful and likes joking around a lot.

Physical description:

Saya has a dark gray skin, which can be represented as fuzzy (very short fur) or skin-like (smooth). She has faint gray to black gradients on her forearms/hands and calves/feet.

She has a human-face (no muzzle) and two pairs of furry bat-like ears: 2 big ones on top of her head and 2 small ones on the sides of her head (much like elven ears regarding the placement). The extremities of her ears are purple, and there are faint dark panther spots on the back of them.

Her hair is magenta, very long in the back (length can vary but it usually goes down to her bum), with straight bangs that let her eyebrows show and a “hime” cut (shorter hair in the front that frame her face).

She has faint dark panther spots on her skin on her shoulders, back and hips, and a very long fluffy tail with dark panther spots and rings. Her tail is approximately 150 cm long (but its representation can vary).

Her flesh is in reality a bright neon turquoise, so some parts of her will appear greenish: her mouth, tongue, nails, nipples and private parts.

Her eyes are droopy and of the same bright neon green color, while her pupils are diamond-shaped. Her eyebrows are black and round or tear-drop shaped, rather thick.

Her feet can either be represented as human or half paw-like: with large neon green claws and cat pads, she then walks on her tiptoes.

She also has a small mole above her mouth, on the left side, and small fangs.


  • I’m ok with you doing fanart of her! 🥰 Please please send it to me!
  • NSFW fanarts are ok as well but please ask me first 💕
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